Coming to England

14 Jan

There are 2 reasons I came to England, one being  to get to know my family a bit better and travel around Europe a bit.

After graduating in Dec 2006 I went East in a vain attempt to go back to “the south” of my teen years, turns out it didn’t exist. Instead it was full of Upper East coast transplants looking for a less expensive place to live. In hind sight I wasn’t ready for that kind of a job and I’m glad it didn’t work out because I’d always wanted to travel and hadn’t had the chance to0. After struggling for about 10 months in the redneck Rivera of Myrtle Beach I packed it in. On the plus side I did get to goto NYC twice and that in its self was worth it. After watching the “Nanny Diaries” at the Upper East side AMC I thought- hey! there’s a cheap way to travel.

I decide to get online and be an au pair. Basically you baby sit, get free room and board and still some pocket money. I really wanted to goto France but bailed at the last minute due to some family pressure so I picked East Sussex in England. At the time the pound was $2 to 1 pound. Going over my money was worth half but hey my wages were doubled. I only did it from January to the end of April, due to extinuating circumstances- things in that house dysfunctional at best and now amount of mediation was going to help.  But it was an experience so hey ho! But working the the Hatch Inn was hand down the best part- everyone there was just the absolute best! And I now have a real appreciation for mature cheddar and mango chutney sandwiches now- oh and salmon cheesecakes.

Sussex was awesome, walking around the hills everyday looking for Mr. Darcy coming through the mist or gettig ambushed by the Territorial Army- either way morning were my favorite part of the day. Nannying for a family in East Sussex was an experience. Though I haven’t been to Orange County it seemed to be the British equivalent. Sure the spray tans were a little lighter but the Abercombie jackets where just as heavy and calf skin boots were just as politically incorrect and like most places in the world horses were they’re own form of currency.

Aside from its similarity Sussex is a fantastic place. The villages are something out of a 800 piece puzzle scene, the people are nice and usually just your typical yuppies, farmers and granolas. Nice corner cafes but nothing really out of the ordinary- but it was a good way to ease in to life over here. The brand spank new VW golf I had to trot around in wasn’t that bad either hehe. But ultimately it was not for me and I was happy to move up north closer to my mom’s side of the family and the raging East Sea.

Places Visited:

Tunbridge Wells
East Grinstead
Forest Row
Groombridge Place
Bodiam Castle

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