I see London! I don’t wear underpants!

1 Mar

Its been a crazy couple of weeks- lots of things happening with the kiddies.
And even more things planned for next week when the children are on half-term break.
So they’re will be loads of pictures from castles and the seaside to come. I’ll also be heading to Cork, Ireland with some friends to get a little crazy and go kiss the Blarney Stone šŸ˜€ It should be a fantastic trip!

Last weekend was the big London trip- freaking fantastic! The only place I didn’t make it to was the Camden (North London) and Kensington (South-West London). But the Westminster area was my favorite- hands down! There was Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, House of Parliment, and the London Eye. I’m planning to goto London again soon and do all of the Muesums. I also made it to Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Convent Gardens. Also seeing the Tower Bridge during at sunset was really neat- hopefully next time I’ll see it at night when it’s all lit- up. The tube (which is basically the subway system only easier to navigate once you realize its by color and not number) was interesting, we got turned around quite a few times. Also when everything opens and shut is just insane- they defanitely do not have the america work ethic of working 24/7…. things open at 12 close at 5 on the weekends…. oy vay- so if you want to shop, plan on doing it in the middle of your day. The shopping at Oxford Circus was pretty good- quite a few new and different shops but alot of the same stuff you could get in America (just at twice the price). Which is why I’m heading ot Camden and Portabello road markets next time I’m in London- so hopefully I’ll have some better shopping and muesum knowledge then.

After I got back from London I went to Brighton with Mia’s class. I absolutely LOVE BRIGHTON! Maybe even more than I love London- it has a very laid back but cosmospolitain vibe and it’s by the sea. It’s fantastic. I’m heading there on the next sunny day!

I also made it to Pooh Bridge finally, after getting lost numerous times…. oy! It’s only a 20 minute walk from the house. Ehhh it was okay- I think it would have been neater if I were 6-7 but its historical so I was there.

Hmmmmm- well its getting late and to be honest I’m pooped- I’ve started waking up and going to help muck out and grooming the horses in exchange for horse riding lessons. I absolutely love it- and its great exercise but I killer at 6 in the morning.


p.s.- the pics are coming in separate emails b/c theres LOADS!

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