Brighton and Eastbourne

5 Mar

the Southeast Coast

Brighton and Eastbourne are fantastic. Both very different.
Brighton has a mini Taj Mahal in the City centre and of course
the Pier and all the rides. Its a very cosmopolitan, great food, and then there
the gays! I’ve gone there a couple of time once just for a walk about
with one of the little kiddies. The next was a shopping trip and if
your looking for boutiques, crazy clothes, hats and and anything
unique this place is great. The lanes is where you want to go. The
parking is crappy and expensive, but its like that allllll over england.
Everyone is pleasant and the city is very clean and bussling even in the winter.
If your going I’d say you have to do the roller coaster over the sea.
Its this rickety old roller coaster with harsh jagged turns and
everytime it makes one of those sharp turns you think your going to tip
in to the sea and die! But its easy enough to get to by train from
london (2 hours) or driving (about the same).

taj mahal

brighton pier


Eastbourne was great- sooooo cute! If you’ve ever seen the movie Wimbeldon it looks like the main guy’s home town- just the cutest seaside town- it was really busy even though it was winter. But we did lots of bike riding and beach walking. P.S.- pebbly beaches are not that much fun to walk on… OUCH.

Both citys are the best- very granola like tendencies

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