A Late Update

28 Nov

Found a fantastic new site courtesy of my pops- brave new traveler.com
I haven’t felt like a traveler lately – technically b/ c I’m not. I mean don’t get me wrong I love running around with a bag pack on I’m more of a move to a centrally located place kind of traveler. A place to call home, even if its not home. Like that crazy kid Andy Kirkman! or The Shonus Maximus (aka Princess Perry- ie Shona Perry). They live somewhere and then they travel allll over (unless I have my facts mixed up). But anyways- I was chatting with Mark today (3 hours till your offically OOOOOLLD!!! OLD MAN! ) so anyways I’m chattin with Marcus and he’s like join a tourism bureau -TRAVEL ALL OVER ENGLAND! And ya know its a good idea. T-R-A-V-E-L !
Maybe Thomas Cook? Or even just something that pays the bills? or somthing in Sports? or Music?

If these are our wonder years then we should be doing something we’re all happy about… or at least enjoying doing. Settling is for your 30’s. I need a break from the hotel work and from these stupid overnight shifts…. boooooring- its not a hard job its just so damn boring right now- I need a POW! SLAM! BAM! WOWZA! job… or something in that range. I shouldn’t be bitch’n tho- and I’m not I just think I need to get that traveling mentality back- I think I weekend snowboarding in Tignes or Switzerland should to the trick. Once the fundage kicks in.

I mean I haven’t done tooo bad
I did alot of Ireland- will be doing Northern Ireland in the Spring (I PROMISE SARAH!!!!)
Did Scotland (scary experience not going back- at least via trains)
and I’ve been to Brighton, Dover, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Norwich- all 4 corners pretty much, all thats left is to do Wales and I’m sorted… may be a rugby game in Cardiff? Surf Swansea?

then its on it Europe- and Russia, China, and India
turn my 20’s in to a trip around the world…and you gotta start somewhere 🙂
Maybe I should just stick to hotel- I mean, christ! THEY’RE EVVVVVERYWHERE! who knows but mom and pop glorified B&B’s are not my bag- and I’ve foudn this out the hard way… damn credit crunch and HISTORICALLY HIGH unemployment! Might as well stick it out and enjoy the ride damnit!

Anywhoooooo – thats the update kiddies- Kate hit her 6 months mark and is getting all antsy and plotting an escape. Or at least a job change with in the next 6 months. But Brandon will be here from next Monday till I leave soooo that will be good- 4 more weeks till I can stop paying these outrage phone bill for calling your shitties in the states!!!!!!

MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

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