Milano continues…

18 Apr

so this is supposed to be about Milan but Paris is still nagging at me- I’ve fallen hard and I know its because nothing like this has ever happened to be before.


If I go back seeing him will be top on my list and thats just something I can’t lie to myself about. But I dont’ know if thats a good idea- one of 2 things is going to happen: a. I’m going to go and met him and see the sight and just be smitten all over again or b. its going to be shit and I’m going to hate it and never want to come back.

If with the amount of time I’m taking to think about it, I’m feeling drained.

If there was a soundtrack to paris it would be:
Eyes on fire: blue foundations
When you touch me: freemasons
Love Story: Taylor Swift
your Love: the outfield

So apparently I’m the only loser who goes to bed early. I’m just not stoked about traveling alone after having a weekend with someone. you know? Ugh! I was so amped abotu doing Paris on my own and then whatever happened happened and then the next day I just felt like one half of 2 out on my own for the day but I knew I’d be able to go back to being one. If that makes any sense at all. God you can really tell I’ve been lone for most of my life.

So laying in my cam bed in the coolest hostel I’ve ever been to i realized this trip may have been a huge mistake. Cramming 3 trips into 3 weeks leaving 3 days between each may have been a huuuuge mistake. I love traveling but I also looove sleeping.

I think the best way I travel is moving to a place and then getting some non-career job. i’ve noticed at the jobs you meet the nicest people- the REAL people who will invite you out and you can go out and have a fab time the way the locals do, like working at the ambassador I had the best summer!!! really just awesome nights out! at the mansion house- no so much.

Anyways- back to Milano-I’m in the suburbs about a 10 minute walk from Loreto- so tommorrow I’m going to the Duomo and see everything else tommorrow. So far the best part of Italy has been the people. The 2 old guys in the watch store and Christina the baker 🙂 But like a said it the suburbs- I’ve started noticing the big city centers are the same everywhere- full of non- locals and all trying to be from the city their now living it. It sound hypocritical but I hate that. I love the culture big cities offer, muesums, great sights and stuff but uuugh if I wanted to get proposioned by a guy from Argentina and Uganda I’D GOTO THOSE COUNTRIES!!! Just LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

Ah! whatever- tommorrow will be better and i’ll get to see the Castello and hopefully take some amazing pics!!!

In he back of my head I keep thinking about Paris (the louvre, Pantheon, Catacombs and Versailies)- alll of it! You know when something is just nagging at you? Paris is nagging at me, like you didn’t already know this. I’m going- no more dancing around it- I’m foregoing Barcelona for Paris and who knows what else?! I just need to get my tickets and hostel booked and I’ll be sorted!

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