Back in the U.S.AAAAAAA

25 Apr

cooplands on my days off

hollyoaks, emmerdale, home and way, neighbours, corrie

pints and the old men that drink ’em

cheap flights to europe

train trips to leed and other places

british music (kaiser cheifs, VV brown, klaxons, etc.)

duvet days

ham and cheese toasties

cheeze and onion toasties

knowing people

trips to my favorite surf shops


the beach





double decker buses

gossiping and texting with my friends

emailing with louise

dinners/lunch with nicole

going out with sarah (first person to ever get me to wear a dress out to a club!)

steak pasties

rugby games with mark and lucy

over salted and over starched meals

potatoes (I swear they don’t taste the same)

nights out in the ‘boro

whirl-wind-never-thought-it-would-ever-happen weekends away

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