ESL Part 1: Finding a Job

4 Sep

The next few posts will outline  the steps you need to follow in order to get your E-2 and start teaching.

1. Finding a job

  • Dave’s ESL Cafe (, this site have forums, multiple job boards and even lesson plans. This where most people look first, however there are a lot of scams out there. The #1 rule I’ve learnt is you should never pay for recruiting services. I’ve had friends go to other countries and paid for the TESOL certificate and with that came a guranteed job- that is a different case.
  • It is also worth looking in to government sponsored programs like EPIK (Korea), JET (Japan), NET (Hong Kong), etc.
  • I found mine through

In Korea there are three different types of employers for prospective ESL teachers: public schools (government run programs usually), private schools, and hagwons (private language institutes). When I was searching I didn’t find many private school programs, and if I wanted to work for a public school I needed to go thru EPIK, which only accepts teachers around September and February- it is also highly competitive and doesn’t seem to pay as much for a first time ESL teacher, how ever you do have the job security and more public holiday off than working for a hagwon. Most first time teachers work for a hagwon. In a hagwon there are typically two shifts- an AM and PM. My contract states I will be working from 2:30pm to 9:30pm Monday thru Friday. I get 10 paid vacation days and most public holidays off. The typical salary for a first time teacher is between 2.0 and 2.7- this is based on the lowest and highest I was personally offered, you will also usually get a private studio apartment- usually furnished (video to come).

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