Packing List for Korea

6 Sep

(provided by a well travelled totally awesome ESL teacher friend of mine – without her permission)

– sheets (I’d go full-sized, just in case you get lucky with your bed situation…the sheets here SUCK)
– feather bed pad (if you like a soft bed…if you like hard beds, then Korea is definitely the country for you)
– pillows
– towels (hard to find anything bigger than a hand towel here)
– robe
– shower loofa
– deodorant
– toothpaste
– lotion (it’s expensive here)
– tampons
– bras & underwear (sizes can be an issue here…as can quality)
– shampoo & conditioner (only if you’re brand-sensitive…I’m doing okay with what I have, but I do miss American brands)
– medicine (like ibuprofin, birth control, etc)
– favorite, non-perishable foods (mac & cheese, oatmeal, etc.)

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