Extending your E-2 visa from Korea

20 Apr

Get ready to be completely and utterly annoyed. I’ve just found out the the US consulate /embassy does not do any notorizing of academic records- this includes all degrees. What a ridiculous crock of sh**. What are you good for US consulate!!!!

In an attempt to do this “on my own”- ie. not ask my parent or a friend or other middle man I ‘m starting this process early. First I’ve emailed my Univeristy and request a new diploma that has been notorized. It’s supposed to take 3-4 weeks for the diploma alone so god only knows how long it will take for it to get notorized if it will at all. I also need to get another copy of my sealed transcripts bc I only have 2 and you need 3… Some dumb luck huh. Ahhhhh !!!!! If you haven’t guessed it by now, I am notoriously impatient. I’ve gone ahead and emailed my old recruiter as well asking if where is a notary or a service I can use to get my degree notorized in Seoul. There is nothing else to do but wait now. It’s easy enough to go and ahead and start the fingerprinting procedure so I will go ahead and take care of that May 7th at the Nowon police headquarters.

In case your wondering here is the process for any US citizens:

Degree notorized then sent to the your State Secretary for the apostiled

Then get finger printed at your local station
– print the background check form from the FBI website (see link from previous post)
– mail it off with a check

You should get your degree back quicker than your background check

Once you get your background check back sent it allll the way back to Washington for the State Secretary to apostiled it.

In case your wondering yes every step will cost you something as will the extra postage costs.

My friend did this and it took about 5 months, in all fairness she started 3 months out like she did the two times before but this time it just dragged on. She did successfully get a 3 month extension I don’t want to be in that boat. My begging skills suck and I’ll just end up yelling or crying… Or both. As I mentions before its just like the first time you did it but your going to have to spend double ferrying these documents back and forth… Bureaucracy is a bitch!

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