6 Month Revelations

16 May

With my 6th month anniversary of first landing in Korea having come and gone I’m going to reflect… As you do…

There have been some definite ups/ down and even some current battles with agoraphobia. It’s been a beautiful and ugly experience. However the summer has brought me out of my cave.

I don’t really know how to start –

My first weekend in Korea was amazing, which unfortunately set an impossible standard which also set me up for some catastrophic (yet self made) disappointing weekends.  You know how it is… You head to a new club all wide eyed and full of booze with your best friend by your side. You meet some pretty cute guys … la di da as you do. You have some fun and then say adios and thats it. Surprise surprise I get asked for a proper date 4 days later after meet this guy my age and fast forward to 2 months later I’m crying into my pillow. I become embarrassingly irrational after that… every weekend I didn’t get any attention was a personal failure in my mind.  . Yes I know how hideously pathetic this sounds- but honesty. However while all this was going on I would love to say I was being productive.. But I wasn’t I was sitting there buying pizzas… Burgers… Sandwiches and picking fights with my friends or just plain making excuses to not go out. RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!! So  with the knowledge I’ve wasted almost my first 6 months on a species of man that once in a blue moon would want a serious relationship with a foreign women  and will be so cute and cheesy and do and almost say anything just to get what they want (wow maybe all men really are just the same). Regardless now I’m on a mission of redemption to have a ridiculously blissed out next 5 months and to get back into my travel blogging.

First I would like to redeem my self a little and say that’s not to say I have explored Seoul but only the places everyone else has. Last weekend I got lost in Gangnam looking for the new location of a tattoo shop. Because I have extensively kinda of. I feel like its been a real hit and miss. Every weekend tho I’m going to explore two different things in should to make up for my 6month of sitting on my ass hating the Korean men in my life. Needless to say from here in out there will be no more talk of the male variety of any nationality. Side bar tho! I’m on a mission to lose 10 lbs a month so yes I will be randomly ranting about that periodically and all the Korean specific activities like hiking, cycling and soon indoor rock climbing.

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