Top 10 Korean Sports Rules

2 Jun

1. BYOB always: the nearest g25 will always be your friend as will the lacks or lack of drinking laws in Korea. No trip the the World Cup Stadium in Seoul is complete with out a trip to the Home Plus next door. I’ve seen people walk in with full cases of soju and a large Costco style pizza.

2. Sing and dance: if anything it will improve your Korean a little and believe it or not soju will help with your intonation- really!

3. Be loud and proud: wearing your teams colors- hell even knowing your teams colors is a step in the right direction

4. Be consistent: I’m not saying got to every game and follow the them out of town but make an effort. If your seats are decent trying sitting there every game – you’ll make some friends along way.

5. Don’t be “that” waygookin: Yes Korea has a big drinking culture but that’s just it! It’s a part of the culture, so you showing up at the stadium. Losing your cookies or picking a fight before you get to the game is not the way to go. Use common sense

6. Don’t just pick a team- Pick a player: Know a little about him that way when they do something half decent you can sound like a real fan and impress neighbors. Nothing brings people together like trash talking.

7. Mark your territory : You will find this cushiony picnic blanket at your nearest convenient store or Daiso. These blankets (sorry I I feel this goes against every American sports habit but people won’t mind. Just grab some friends, food/drinks, lay that sucker out and enjoy the game.

8. Get social: Like everything thing else is Korea sporting events are social events, but I feel thats pretty universal. Keeping with tradition, invite everyone you know. In  Korea it’s the more the merrier. Sharing your fried chicken and beer will always make you friends.

9. Know your haters: Rivalries rule sports- hell it’s what makes watching exciting. Get to know your team and the teams that hate them.

10. Most importantly know the game: or at least have a vague idea of the game.  in Korea is relative easily because we’ve all grown up with at least the basic rules of baseball and soccer. When I went to Oz it took a little more to learn the rule of Ozzie Rules but hey that’s why your here to learn about things, gain knowledge know when to cry in your beer and when jump up and down wildly with the stranger next to you.

One Response to “Top 10 Korean Sports Rules”

  1. Fresh Korean June 2, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    I agree fully with 9 of the 10, I’ve personally never meet “that” waygookin (thankful). I would also add: “try something new”, for example Brits don’t have Baseball and Americans don’t have Cricket (I know its not in Korea, but as an example).
    Thank for sharing, I really enjoyed reading your views.

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