Busan Recon 2012

28 Jul

I love the ocean- I just do and living in Seoul has dried me up. Physically and mentally. It’s been a roller coaster these last months and with friendships ending and crappy dudes on constant rotation. My job is not hard it is just running in to the same walls everyday and not getting finding any peace is dragging me down. I’ve decided to stop bitching about it and find my solution…. and that is to take my 5 days off (August 18-23) and head south! I was supposed to head south back in June but I’ve come to realize I really don’t travel well with others. It’s been too many years of traveling alone and its just not worth the agro. My blissed out 5 days are as follows

Saturday 18th: 8:30am Drop the pup off at the lovely “Puppy School” in Gangnam where the Tuxster(my dog) will be pampered and come out smelling like a rose. Check out the Animal Rescue Korea forum for more information and details/reviews about dog hotels.

10am-12pm:Head to Korean classes because I really just don’t want to miss any-we will se how I feel closer to the date- it might be nice to get to Yeosu a bit earlier.

1pm:So tentatively that puts me at catching a train down to Yeosu at 1ish. The regular train costs about 28,000 won /KTX-47,000 won

6-7pm: I’m a cheapskate and love trains so I’ll be taking the 5 hour one down to Yeosu then finding my hostel hopefully just in time for a stroll at sunset and a lovely dinner.

Sunday 19th: I’m sure most people have heard about the Yeosu Expo – unfortunately I will be missing it by one weekend… crap I know. That being said there are tons of cool things to do on the island and I’m looking forward to my 2 days / 2 nights. I am really going to try and get to Namhae but its one of those- if it doesn’t happen I won’t cry about it things. Besides with a ferry that only runs twice a day… omg I can just see the disasters that could happen with that.

Monday 20th: I may  head to Busan on the first bus out (via the express bus– it takes about 3 hours and costs 20,000). I’ll have most of the day to check out the sights and see if its all I’ve dreamed about… scuba clubs… sailing clubs… surfing clubs… maybe check out the bike shops. I’m really excited about Busan and I really hope it lives up to my expectations. I’m going to bring my biking gear with me and hopefully just bike and explore on Monday.

Tuesday 21th: Then Tuesday is the lazy day- just being touristy and collecting seashells. Maybe I’ll rent another bike. We will see how it goes.  Catch the 12:50pm back to Seoul (Korail 28,000 won). Sleep/write/ whatever on the train back and pick up the pup by 7pm.

So thats the plan- I’ve got 3 weeks to make my checklists and maximize every last second of this quick minibreak…. I may add Tuesday night and leave Wednesday afternoon… its only an extra 30 for the dog and 35 for me…hmmmm…

So far trains/bus will be: 76,000… guesthouses: 110,000…dog hotel: 120,000… my dogs vacations will cost almost as much as mine… he’s worth it!

One Response to “Busan Recon 2012”

  1. Ellie July 29, 2012 at 3:05 am #

    Sounds like a plan! Listen to this while sitting on the beach

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