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South Korea Public Holiday 2013 Calendar

29 Sep

Something to look forward too.

Guy Talk: I Date Outside My Race Because My Race Doesn’t Want To Date Me – The Frisky

23 Sep

Guy Talk: I Date Outside My Race Because My Race Doesn’t Want To Date Me – The Frisky.

Cracker Your Wardrobe!

22 Sep

I don’t understand it but I love it! Its available at most subway magazine shops for 4,000 (I think- can’t really remember). Its full of great ideas but again totally in Korean soooo its more of a picture book for me.

If you wanna shop like the kids you goto Kwangjang Market

The Jacket…recently found at Kwangjang Market for 80,000 but got a pity discount because I didn’t even try to haggle… I’m pathetic I know- I think the discount was really for the hole in the sleeve lining I failed to notice 😦 of well 2,000 spent at the dry cleaners to fix it and its right as rain 🙂
Lookin AWESOME in The Jacket…

My Apartment

22 Sep

I can’t believe I’ve been here a year and not posted any real pics of my home.

Experiments with Korean Cosmetics

22 Sep

It’s come to my attention I’ve been spending a little too much on my favorite at home brand of cosmetics. Everything is basically double! I’ve gone over to the dark side…

BB cream… I’m not saying I’m a total covert but it does about the same job as my Clinique redness eliminator however … not as good as the Stay Matte. I’m also experimenting with primers for the first time. Honestly they’ve always seemed like a waste but the price was right so why not. I recently bought Etude House’s “Pore Ever” primer (9,000). It felt like I was putting conditioner on my skin. Not a bad thing just- different. The jury is still out on whether it really makes my pores “disappear” but it is making my skin feel a lot softer and the makeup seems to last longer- ie I don’t look like zombie teach by the end of class.

Highlighter (???)- Nymph Aura – again a product by Etude House. There isn’t as much shimmer to it as its American or even UK counterparts. Honestly it feels a little like stratgically placed grease or burn ointment…  The box says to mix 2 parts BB foundation with 1 part highlighter but I really think it just makes your face shiny… Maybe the problem is in my application- I haven’t lost hope yet.

I also bought a few eyeliners from Etude including a white shimmery one which I put under my eyes which, honestly I think really does make my eyes look brighter. If you watch the (Korean)Style network enough you will see these tutorials where they show you exactly what to apply, how much and where- its fantastic! Its weird how it make you look more awake.

I have a very VERY red face so I use the Skin Food Aloe face mask and their Glacial face mist. Again, I thought face mist was a joke when I got here and again… by not means am I a total convert but it smells good and does help the redness go away a little. Everyone says you can put it on over your make up but I really think thats crap. I put primer on then the bb cream then the highlighter and THEN the face spray… hmmmm I have a hard time believing it would help at all. I prefer to put iton as soon as I get out of the shower or right before I goto bed. Once a week I use this clay pore mask the seems to suck the goo right out of my pores! Its like the Biore strips at home, hurts just as much if not more yanking it off 🙂

the facial mask du jour…

Egg white facial foam!? Gold caviar exfoliator…its fantastic and there is not a minimum purchase either. Baking powder cleanser…aloe cleanser… and much more! With each purchase you probably you get 5-6 samples.

I ended up buying a BB cream then decided to add the highlighter for an extra (5,000) and got a kickass make up bag- lots of brush holders with covers and POCKETS!… too bad there is a baby prostitute on the front of it… damn you Korea… maybe I can mod podge it over…

From what my friends (both Korean and otherwise) these are the most popular stores and what they think is the best at each store.

Banilla: Good for everything- makeup… toners… its gold

Etude House: Great foundations

Skin Food: Good cleansers, toners, face masks and eyeshadow pallettes (with gel eyeliner!)

Tony Moly should be avoided (is what I’ve been told)




Groping in Korea: Just How Bad Is It? | The Grand Narrative

17 Sep

Sex, Marriage, and Prostitution in South Korea | The Grand Narrative

17 Sep

13 Sep

WoW…. Definitely an issue with Korean guys. Maybe it stems from the fact “we” (as foreign girls should “know” there is no future because we are foreign and
a. they are the oldest son and parents would prefer they are a daughter in law be Korean
b. the language issue
c. in Korea its normal for men to “play” until 33-34
omg… the list goes on- TAKE NOTE KOREAN MEN! STOP SAYING YOU LOVE ME, THAT WE ARE A COUPLE, AND WE SHOULD ONLY SEE EACH OTHER… a simple “ohhhh pretty lady I want to play with you for 3 weeks or until my mom or KOREAN girl friend finds out”- will suffice!

How to Shake Down Your Hagwon

12 Sep

1. Mention the Labor Board

2. Mention the Labor Board


Recently I had the unfortunate DIS-PLEASURE of shaking down my hagwon director. The back story is – about a month ago he asked me when he wanted my flight to be. I told him I’d let him know in a week- we’ll I let him know and he was like “okay okay”… another couple days past and I decided to try and help out the animal shelter by couring (being a courier) for this adorable Sharpei. Well you need to know your flight info for that too. I told them my story AND STILL they dragged their feet. another with this my pay stubs have never arrived… fishy no? I finally go into it with director telling him to book the ticket now- which he relied- I KNOW but we don’t have the month this month. So I flipped (in my head of course). No money- WHAT THE FRICK FRACK!? . MY HEAD WAS SPINNING! I dd a quick mental calculation and with the severence + october pay+ september pay + apartment deposit (600000)… 5.5 million- and you can’t afford a 600,000 won one way to Seattle… b***h please! Regardless- I sent him an email after reading blogs and horror stories and weighing the pros and cons of confronting them. I dropping the LB words a couple of times and poof the same day we sorted it out- of course nothing is set in stone (like my flight) but theres a date set for my pay and other assorted payouts. 

FYI tho I did call the Labor Board- and in reality they said you need to wait two weeks after they miss the payment then they can put you in touch with someone that could help. Also to add to the bureaucracy of it all – if there is not a flight dollar amount on your contract your basically on your own for transpo back to your country same with the apartment deposit- S.O.L. . However your severence is actually considered part of your wages so you can get it back. 

A Visa Transfer’s Guide to Finding your 2nd Position

1 Sep

I made the whole process a lot harder than it should have been by starting way too early and stressing my self out when my first preferred location didn’t work out

I was really surprised at how difficult the market has gotten- shocked in fact. I also had to submit two grammar tests- a handful of essays… and these were just for run of the mill hagwon jobs. 

Originally I had my eye on the golden ticket (at least in my opinion)- a job with EPIK. But realities being what they were and my last paycheck being on October 10th…and my first EPIK paycheck coming in April there was no way I could go 6th months with out a paycheck.

So knowing that EPIK was out of the pictures these were the facts:

My visa runs out 11.11.12 and my contract ends October 10th.

There is a great website that writes it all out for you if you want to transfer your visa to a new hagwon/school/etc. I also made NUMEROUS CALLS to Immigration (1345 for those of you in Korea). they assured me as long as I hadn’t left the country for more than 3 months it would be easy to transfer. I think the deal is you can do this process once. After you need a fresh CBC and what not.

There was also the pipe dream of not missing Christmas- tons of English teachers in Korea will going on and on  and just say this is the way it is. It was the same in Australia- I guess its a defense mechanism but it just pissed me off the way they would brag about missing holidays and what not- its bullshit and I really don’t give a crap if you see it as a badge of honor. So anyways that was my goal make it home for Christmas. Oh and admit I had a dog and it was going to live with me. Ah! I also wanted to go home from the end of my contract to a couple days before the start of my new one.

I started my search early August and every last recruiter (40+) said contact me in August. Well I did in mid- August and some said it was too. Then I got that Ulsan interview with Ms Cheap-ass director- blah! But then last week I had 6 and suddenly the recruiter were doing their jobs and I was at the magic hour where it was time to find me a job now. In the future I will only contact 20 – max! I was getting calls and interview time and names of recruiter and director confused- luckily I was writing everything down and I didn’t fuck up anyone names but there was a point where I forgot a school had re-scheduled and interview and I didn’t know which school and it took me 15 minutes to find the right recruiter to contact. Another classic case of Kate going whole hog and just not thinking it through. I interview last Friday for a what I thought was an ok position. Now I’m so incredibly excited. I’m getting .3 mil won more than I am now- working more hours of course… and 1/2 kindie so I had to budge on that. What is so kick ass tho is I might have Christmas off- Dec. 22nd to the 30th just in time for New Years- which also means I get new years day off too 🙂 If this years new years is anything like last – I will need it!!!! This info is all coming from a current teacher there so I have to reconfirm with the Director when I drop off my copies of my CBC and degree from immigration. P.S. If you are in need of those copies- if your local office is the one near Anguk station go there and head to the 7th floor and for a couple won from what I understand they can get you those documents copied for a couple won. Easy as that-