A Visa Transfer’s Guide to Finding your 2nd Position

1 Sep

I made the whole process a lot harder than it should have been by starting way too early and stressing my self out when my first preferred location didn’t work out

I was really surprised at how difficult the market has gotten- shocked in fact. I also had to submit two grammar tests- a handful of essays… and these were just for run of the mill hagwon jobs. 

Originally I had my eye on the golden ticket (at least in my opinion)- a job with EPIK. But realities being what they were and my last paycheck being on October 10th…and my first EPIK paycheck coming in April there was no way I could go 6th months with out a paycheck.

So knowing that EPIK was out of the pictures these were the facts:

My visa runs out 11.11.12 and my contract ends October 10th.

There is a great website that writes it all out for you if you want to transfer your visa to a new hagwon/school/etc. I also made NUMEROUS CALLS to Immigration (1345 for those of you in Korea). they assured me as long as I hadn’t left the country for more than 3 months it would be easy to transfer. I think the deal is you can do this process once. After you need a fresh CBC and what not.

There was also the pipe dream of not missing Christmas- tons of English teachers in Korea will going on and on  and just say this is the way it is. It was the same in Australia- I guess its a defense mechanism but it just pissed me off the way they would brag about missing holidays and what not- its bullshit and I really don’t give a crap if you see it as a badge of honor. So anyways that was my goal make it home for Christmas. Oh and admit I had a dog and it was going to live with me. Ah! I also wanted to go home from the end of my contract to a couple days before the start of my new one.

I started my search early August and every last recruiter (40+) said contact me in August. Well I did in mid- August and some said it was too. Then I got that Ulsan interview with Ms Cheap-ass director- blah! But then last week I had 6 and suddenly the recruiter were doing their jobs and I was at the magic hour where it was time to find me a job now. In the future I will only contact 20 – max! I was getting calls and interview time and names of recruiter and director confused- luckily I was writing everything down and I didn’t fuck up anyone names but there was a point where I forgot a school had re-scheduled and interview and I didn’t know which school and it took me 15 minutes to find the right recruiter to contact. Another classic case of Kate going whole hog and just not thinking it through. I interview last Friday for a what I thought was an ok position. Now I’m so incredibly excited. I’m getting .3 mil won more than I am now- working more hours of course… and 1/2 kindie so I had to budge on that. What is so kick ass tho is I might have Christmas off- Dec. 22nd to the 30th just in time for New Years- which also means I get new years day off too 🙂 If this years new years is anything like last – I will need it!!!! This info is all coming from a current teacher there so I have to reconfirm with the Director when I drop off my copies of my CBC and degree from immigration. P.S. If you are in need of those copies- if your local office is the one near Anguk station go there and head to the 7th floor and for a couple won from what I understand they can get you those documents copied for a couple won. Easy as that- 

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