How to Shake Down Your Hagwon

12 Sep

1. Mention the Labor Board

2. Mention the Labor Board


Recently I had the unfortunate DIS-PLEASURE of shaking down my hagwon director. The back story is – about a month ago he asked me when he wanted my flight to be. I told him I’d let him know in a week- we’ll I let him know and he was like “okay okay”… another couple days past and I decided to try and help out the animal shelter by couring (being a courier) for this adorable Sharpei. Well you need to know your flight info for that too. I told them my story AND STILL they dragged their feet. another with this my pay stubs have never arrived… fishy no? I finally go into it with director telling him to book the ticket now- which he relied- I KNOW but we don’t have the month this month. So I flipped (in my head of course). No money- WHAT THE FRICK FRACK!? . MY HEAD WAS SPINNING! I dd a quick mental calculation and with the severence + october pay+ september pay + apartment deposit (600000)… 5.5 million- and you can’t afford a 600,000 won one way to Seattle… b***h please! Regardless- I sent him an email after reading blogs and horror stories and weighing the pros and cons of confronting them. I dropping the LB words a couple of times and poof the same day we sorted it out- of course nothing is set in stone (like my flight) but theres a date set for my pay and other assorted payouts. 

FYI tho I did call the Labor Board- and in reality they said you need to wait two weeks after they miss the payment then they can put you in touch with someone that could help. Also to add to the bureaucracy of it all – if there is not a flight dollar amount on your contract your basically on your own for transpo back to your country same with the apartment deposit- S.O.L. . However your severence is actually considered part of your wages so you can get it back. 

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