Experiments with Korean Cosmetics

22 Sep

It’s come to my attention I’ve been spending a little too much on my favorite at home brand of cosmetics. Everything is basically double! I’ve gone over to the dark side…

BB cream… I’m not saying I’m a total covert but it does about the same job as my Clinique redness eliminator however … not as good as the Stay Matte. I’m also experimenting with primers for the first time. Honestly they’ve always seemed like a waste but the price was right so why not. I recently bought Etude House’s “Pore Ever” primer (9,000). It felt like I was putting conditioner on my skin. Not a bad thing just- different. The jury is still out on whether it really makes my pores “disappear” but it is making my skin feel a lot softer and the makeup seems to last longer- ie I don’t look like zombie teach by the end of class.

Highlighter (???)- Nymph Aura – again a product by Etude House. There isn’t as much shimmer to it as its American or even UK counterparts. Honestly it feels a little like stratgically placed grease or burn ointment…  The box says to mix 2 parts BB foundation with 1 part highlighter but I really think it just makes your face shiny… Maybe the problem is in my application- I haven’t lost hope yet.

I also bought a few eyeliners from Etude including a white shimmery one which I put under my eyes which, honestly I think really does make my eyes look brighter. If you watch the (Korean)Style network enough you will see these tutorials where they show you exactly what to apply, how much and where- its fantastic! Its weird how it make you look more awake.

I have a very VERY red face so I use the Skin Food Aloe face mask and their Glacial face mist. Again, I thought face mist was a joke when I got here and again… by not means am I a total convert but it smells good and does help the redness go away a little. Everyone says you can put it on over your make up but I really think thats crap. I put primer on then the bb cream then the highlighter and THEN the face spray… hmmmm I have a hard time believing it would help at all. I prefer to put iton as soon as I get out of the shower or right before I goto bed. Once a week I use this clay pore mask the seems to suck the goo right out of my pores! Its like the Biore strips at home, hurts just as much if not more yanking it off 🙂

the facial mask du jour…

Egg white facial foam!? Gold caviar exfoliator…its fantastic and there is not a minimum purchase either. Baking powder cleanser…aloe cleanser… and much more! With each purchase you probably you get 5-6 samples.

I ended up buying a BB cream then decided to add the highlighter for an extra (5,000) and got a kickass make up bag- lots of brush holders with covers and POCKETS!… too bad there is a baby prostitute on the front of it… damn you Korea… maybe I can mod podge it over…

From what my friends (both Korean and otherwise) these are the most popular stores and what they think is the best at each store.

Banilla: Good for everything- makeup… toners… its gold

Etude House: Great foundations

Skin Food: Good cleansers, toners, face masks and eyeshadow pallettes (with gel eyeliner!)

Tony Moly should be avoided (is what I’ve been told)




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