First year wrap up

22 Oct

I finally finished my first crazy teaching job. Sadly it didn’t end as I had hoped.  Even with the threats of contacting the labor board, I had to  drag every last won from their pocket. It was a nightmare. Then asked to come in after my contract had finished to give the new girl (someone with zero teaching experience and I suspect zero experience with children) a 2 hour tutorial on how to teach my classes… talk about a clusterf***. Ah! I’m forgetting the best part! The Friday before my last day (Monday) was a regular scheduled payday… everyone got half… yes half! Something about the credit cards not being processed because Chuseok had shut the banks down… tsk tsk tsk no forethought yet again..idiots.

I really lucked out tho with my new school my director. A man easily in his late 60’s helped me move wayyyyy more stuff than I had originally brought with me- seriously where did all this crap come from – and honestly it was mostly clothes. Good grief! But I got to store it all at the school annnnd we moved it in a school van so I didn’t have to pay for a couple of taxis. So everything worked out. Then it was off to the Mok-dong immigration office with the following:

-Copy of your hagwon’s business license

-Your current ARC card and passport

-Copy of my contract (which I had to fax to my job then have then fax it back to the office- I’m not sure but I think it was either because they didn’t put down the start date or it was to act as a security measure. Regardless it was a pain in the ass.

-Revenue Stamps: Best advice i can give you- go to the 2nd or 3rd floor and get the revenue stamps first! It will kill a fair amount of time you would be wait to give your application. You will need 30,000 won worth.

-Copy of your first FBI background check (easily obtained since everything is digitized)

-Copy of your Bachelors Degree

-Visa application (your director should be able to print this out for your)

The next day I woke up at the crack of dawn to get to the National Police Hospital to do my physical and AIDs test… god. But because I was there a full hour before the clinic opened and stared down the receptionist I got everything done by 9am… when the clinic was supposed to open- WINNING! So the total cost was 78,000. The receptionist didn’t speak any English if you want to goto a clinic and be guaranteed an english speaker goto the Seoul National University Hospital at Hyewha- its great, not fluent speakers but as close as your going to get. Don’t go there for ear infections or strep throat they’ll just give you aspirin and tell you to rest because you have “the stress”. Oh well. At the end of your appointment you should get a  slip of paper telling you when to pick up your test results I would make a copy and then give te original to your director.

So with the visa in the bag, the health check done I had a day to play before I went home for 2 and a half weeks.

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