Russia and India

22 Oct

I’m starting a new tradition- (if I can) one big trip out of the country every year. So at the end of my next job I want to goto either Russia or India.

There are two options for two different circumstances-

Options A:   India. It would be a hit and run but I would like to start in New Delhi and finish in Mumbai- its not nearly as long as I would like to spend in India but it could be a great taster. Then again I could just spend a month there if I have the chance.

Option B:  Do a Trans-Siberian Railways tour . Most of the tours I want to do are 2 weeks or a little longer. Obviously you want a day or two in the starting/ending locations so it would probably take 20-25 days. However there is also the option to do just a mini 2 week tour  starting with a ferry from Vladivostok to Moscow then a flight back to Korea – stop in Beijing and see the great wall 🙂 knock three countries out in two weeks.

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