How to Eat a Persimmon

28 Feb

During the Lunar New Year holiday I had a revelation! Korea desserts are usually fruits… rocked my world. I’ve always thought of fruit as a snack, but after eating three BIG bowls of Dukguk laced with massive mandoos and having a giant pear or some apples was perfect ending to a great dinner. I digress (as usual)- so! The Persimmon is a 70 calorie delicious super sweet super fruit. The best comparsion is that it looks like a tomato and unripe it feels like a hard apple? The key is to get them while their green is what Im told. Wait about one week or less and when they start to turn bright orange and slightly soft either freeze them from another day or put then in a bowl or a tray in your refridgerator. If you choose to freeze them its easy peasy. Just shove them into a plastic bag and toss em in the freezer. When you want to eat them just an fyi it takes a out two hour to partial thaw. It will give you a great sherbety or pudding consistancy. If you wait any long you’ll be drink a persimmon shake- which isn’t really that bad. DON’T FORGET: watch for the big seeds (usually about 4-5), the skin isn’t that tasty so avoid it if you can and finally this is a mess fruit – be careful and patient or you’ll look like you hit in the face by a tomato!
Step 1: Defrost fruit (2 hours)


Step 2: Gently slice open the fruit.


Step 3: Pick out the skin and seeds if possible.


Step 4: VOILA! Persimmon pudding and a delicious 70 calorie dessert!


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