Afternoon Tea Seoul Style

14 Sep

Afew months a ago I was invited out to the Lotte Hotel in Eujiro -il(1)-ga. The station in on the green line that runs around Seoul. If you head out of exit 8 you can’t miss it. The afternoon tea is served on the lounge and runs about 42000₩ for the set with a pot of tea (Darjeeling, Mint, Earl Grey or Assam Bari). Realistically you should only need one food tower per person- on our second visit we were actually reminded what a large amount of food we were ordering and asked if you wanted to share- which we all promptly declined =) Below are some pictures of what your typical “Afternoon Tea” will consist of.

There are also High Teas at the Park Hyatt in Busan and the Shilla Hotel. The Park Hyatt in Seoul also has one but it is more profitteroles than finger sandwiches.




top tier: jelly, chocolate mouse, lemon tardette and strawberry with green tea mousse?


middle tier: scones and chocolates


bottom tier: roast beef, crab and  salmon finger sandwiches


everything is served with fresh cream and strawberry jam ^^

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