a cog

28 Nov

More often than not I feel I am a cog in this highly dysfuntional educational system. I feel disguisted with my self~ I sold out just to pay off some debts.  I enjoy traveling but I feel guilty because I am doing absolutley nothing to help my own country. I should be building up the economy- volunteering or creating something to help others. If I cant create then I need to be a part of something good. f A company that does more than just recycle. I know I cant be totally idealistic- I need something big enough to provide insurance and a little job security but it would be nice if it . Is it really that hard to make money but also benefit your surroundings? Sure I loving traveling but in all honesty I think I would just be happy just working at a panera bread or a whole foods~ hell a goat farm in Tazmania or a bakery in France… I want to help  those around me and not feel like such a slug

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