Dak Galbi in Chuncheon

13 Nov

Sunday afternoon my boyfriend had the random idea to head to Chuncheon for some Dak Galbi.  Chuncheon is about an hour-ish away from Seoul.  Its in Gangwon-do which is is BEAUTIFUL in the fall… and the winter… and most season actually. It’s easy to get to by bus.  The city is famous for Dak Galbi- and not much else. If you didn’t know “Dak Galbi” is basically chicken with spicy sauce, a ton of veggies, predominately cabbage, and loads of rice cakes. This dish is very easy to make. Click this link and check out this recipe and more a the “My Korean Kitchen” website. Below are a few pics from our afternoon. The bus ride, which was pretty scenic, was about 12,00o KRW for a one-way “deluxe bus” trip from the Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal. IMG_20141109_161411  1655984_944892476186_1760458157956396588_n




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