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Jebu-do: Sexy by the Sea

13 Jul








Jebu is this great little island about 1-2 hours from Seoul. You can only visit when the tide is low. There are a plethora of cheap seafood restaurants and love motels for the stranded couples ^^

Easy Meals to Make in Korea

20 Mar


You want this…? Add this… this and this…




The best part is all you have to do is boil a pot of water pop in the silver pouch then pop a strainer (collander?)


and put it the lid on it. While everything is in the pot steaming and boiling throw the premade rice into the microwave and 2 minutes later your eating a bowl full of rice, veggies and meat. Mmmmm DELICIOUS!!! I really think any of the Ottogi premade meal and a premade rice and cabbage and its CHEAP Rice: 900₩ Ottogi: 1990₩ 1/4 Cabbage: 1200₩ (and you can use 1/4 of the cabbage)

How to Eat a Persimmon

28 Feb

During the Lunar New Year holiday I had a revelation! Korea desserts are usually fruits… rocked my world. I’ve always thought of fruit as a snack, but after eating three BIG bowls of Dukguk laced with massive mandoos and having a giant pear or some apples was perfect ending to a great dinner. I digress (as usual)- so! The Persimmon is a 70 calorie delicious super sweet super fruit. The best comparsion is that it looks like a tomato and unripe it feels like a hard apple? The key is to get them while their green is what Im told. Wait about one week or less and when they start to turn bright orange and slightly soft either freeze them from another day or put then in a bowl or a tray in your refridgerator. If you choose to freeze them its easy peasy. Just shove them into a plastic bag and toss em in the freezer. When you want to eat them just an fyi it takes a out two hour to partial thaw. It will give you a great sherbety or pudding consistancy. If you wait any long you’ll be drink a persimmon shake- which isn’t really that bad. DON’T FORGET: watch for the big seeds (usually about 4-5), the skin isn’t that tasty so avoid it if you can and finally this is a mess fruit – be careful and patient or you’ll look like you hit in the face by a tomato!
Step 1: Defrost fruit (2 hours)


Step 2: Gently slice open the fruit.


Step 3: Pick out the skin and seeds if possible.


Step 4: VOILA! Persimmon pudding and a delicious 70 calorie dessert!


Blogs and Sites I Love…

30 Jun

Below are some of my favorite blogs and websites about everything in Korea

(this will be continually updated)


Itaewon Fatty

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Official Seoul City Tourism


Interpark (great for most concerts, musical, plays and festivals)

Exploring Korea

Three Wise Monkeys

Illuminate Me


Waygook Effect

Korean Herald

Groove Magazine

The Grand Narrative

Food Fight Club

25 Dec

I’ve been on sensory overload for the past 3 months. With the holidays behind me now and New Year’s resolutions upon me, I thought it was time to do more than just take pictures. 

In the spirit of full disclosure I’m starting to get annoyed, but before anyone starts to get judge-y hear me out. It is not a “regretting my decision” kind of annoyed its a frustration that comes with experiencing something so totally foreign that your normal methods of problem solving just aren’t cutting it.  It’s what happens to everyone  at one point or another, you’re going to get annoyed and your going to come down with the “Rants”.  Things that trigger these “Rants” are usually anything from simply being homesick (especially during the holidays) to just being pissed off that your can’t find anything “normal” to eat. My rages started about 2 weeks ago. My friend and I were discussing what to do on my birthday, and naturally someone suggested a dinner. Then the other suggests came flying in … “lets goto a Spicy Chicken Place?”, “maybe a Soju Tent?”,  or “how about a Spicy Soup Place?”,  “there’s always the BBQ place behind the apartments?”, and finally my least favorite place in the world (unless someone else is paying for it), a Hof.

(More on these food facilities later)

This is when I snapped…  I got pissed, just irrationally pissed. Not another evening with my co-workers watching me trying to dissect and/or get to the meaty bit of some absolutely delicious looking dish with chopsticks, even with a fork it is a challenge. I will be the first to admit this is a problem of my creation. I agree to absolutely everything!

hmmmm spicy chicken feet!

Next thing I know I’m eating live octopus with a big goofy smile on my face while that sea monster is still trying to escape. I just don’t know when to quit. e However, once I got the chance to speak honestly I let rip on my poor fellow foreign teacher.

“I SICK OF FIGHTING WITH MY FOOD!” is what I found myself shouting one evening on a street corner in Seoul. My coworker looked at me with sympathy and simply replied, “how about Outback”? Then like magic those “Rages” subsided.

My annoyances have let me to positive discoveries.

There are 2 reasons why Koreans are typically so skinny, aside from their genes:

  1. The food is usually so spicy you can’t eat more than 5 bites.

  2. Once the meat is “boiled” down, you’ve got to use chopsticks to dig it out….?! yes really?! (or ne, chin-sa!?) Those are calories burned my friends.

Not only is the Korea diet very low in fat it also offers challenges that will ultimately lead to weight loss. Weight lost that may one day prevent those women in Dongdaemun to stop yelling “one size one size” when I glance at a shirt.

This all being said, the food is simply delicious (and the soju doesn’t hurt either). 

The one and only Soju shot