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Cracker Your Wardrobe!

22 Sep

I don’t understand it but I love it! Its available at most subway magazine shops for 4,000 (I think- can’t really remember). Its full of great ideas but again totally in Korean soooo its more of a picture book for me.

If you wanna shop like the kids you goto Kwangjang Market

The Jacket…recently found at Kwangjang Market for 80,000 but got a pity discount because I didn’t even try to haggle… I’m pathetic I know- I think the discount was really for the hole in the sleeve lining I failed to notice 😦 of well 2,000 spent at the dry cleaners to fix it and its right as rain 🙂
Lookin AWESOME in The Jacket…

Free Korean Lessons in Seoul

25 Dec

In 3 months I’ve mastered the following handy Korean phrases:

Yeok – Station (like subway station)

Yogi – Here

Chang nam han ya – Are you kidding me?!

An-nyeong-ha-se-yo – Hello

Ne – Yes

Ane – No

Chin sa – Really?

An-nyong-hi ga-se-yo- Goodbye

Kam-sa-ham-ni-da! – thank you

Haaaaaa chum – a loooooooong time

Impressed? I wouldn’t be either. Thankfully in February the free Korean classes I’ve heard rumors about will start-up. Hopefully, I’ll start to get a firm grasp of that aspect of native life that has forever elude those who don’t speak the language. Or at the very least I’ll be able to order take-out.

The free Korean classes start February 18th at the:

갈월 사회 복지 회관
51-19 Galwol-dong (144 Huamdong-gil), Yongsang-gu, Seoul

There are 4 levels ranging from 0-4

0 being just the alphabet and 4 for the people who can read, write and want lots of practice. Be sure to click the link for more information.