Cork Ireland

8 Mar

Saturday at 6:30am I drove to Heathrow and was off to Cork, Ireland.

CORK WAS CRAZY! One of the coolest old cities I’ve been to yet. The River Lee goes right through the City so you get these cool old bridges to walk over- all over town. Its one of the most un-touristy places I’ve been to yet! I stayed with a friend of a friend and his girlfriend- shes actually from Cork (Sinead- how irish is that!), FANTASTIC PEOPLE!I love the Irish. We went out pub hopping and ended up at a great nightclub the first night. I think the best thing about Cork was you actually saw and heard irish people. I know it sounds ridiculous but going from Central London to that totally blew my mind. London is more like NYC in the sense that its a HUGE melting pot. The only seemingly non-irish thing we did was have curry the first night there…. actually that was REAALLLY UN-IRISH. But anyways, I digress…..
The next morning was grand- no one was up till about 12:30 so we all helped make a massive “fry up”- toasted brown Irish bread, fried eggs, beans, white pudding (this oatmeal and onion mixture in a sausage casing- a Scottish thing), black pudding (YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW!), great bacon (its sooo lean over here- hardly any fat), and regular sausage.
So after our fatty breakfast we went out to the rooftop and took some great pics, then went exploring Cork. Got away from the business-y parts and headed to the University of Cork (GORGEOUS!) and a really nice park with this crazy bridge.
We got back around 7pm, by then it was time to get all dolled up all over again and head out. HAD ANOTHER GREAT NITE!
Thankfully there were no more fights.

Next week will probably be super boring. I’m feeling a nasty headcold coming on so I’m not looking forward to that. But in 2 weeks its off to dublin for St. Paddy’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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