20 Aug

Busan Recon was a bust… its a long story but in short I didn’t feel like spending the money on something I wasn’t sure I would have fun doing. I’ve travelled in a bad mood before… it as crap. Now I’m being faced with even more harsh realities… what to do about next year. I started my search for a new job very early and got nothing… one year of experience and a TESOL certificate and NOTHING. I’ve been feeling dejected to say the least. Then I got some interest form a hagwon in Ulsan… paid what I wanted… no pension tho… and I would live in her parents apartment (?!??!) while her parents lived with her.. then I would move to my own place. Hmmm I smell a cheap ass hagwon director and when I was honest about the dog… said director was none too impressed. I realized with my dog I will probably be off to the country or the boonies but whatever. But now I’ve 80% committed to Spring EPIK. Buuuuuut that means being at home kind of doing nothing- not that I wouldn’t love just working out and studying Korea for 4 months. I’m having problems with the puppy tho. I really don’t want to leave the Tuxster behind. Honestly at first I didn’t think I would have a problem… but now I’m so … attached is the wrong word because I’ve always loved the little guy but .. hmm okay maybe attached is the right word. This issue is now there is a Shar-pei “Peach” who I might be able to act as a courier to Seattle and deliver to a rescue group in Seattle- wait… wait… okay wow- Its amazing how the world just changes while your planning other things. It turns out that “puppy” Peach is 35lbs! definitely not in-cabin luggage…which is actually fantastic because I check her and take Tux with me 🙂 This might work out after all. Another thing about taking Tux is my mom wants me to goto Tennessee to see my sister and her family – which includes my adorable niece I have yet to meet. Then I have to visit my granny, because well thats jut what you do… Kansas in the winter… hmmm delightful lol. But its family- 4-5 months at home tho… not working… I’ll be honest I feel like a bum. But if it means I get a public school job maybe its a good thing. Hopefully I could also get my CELTA too. But then thats just another expense. Okay here is the break down:

A.) Go home for 10 days at the end of my contract > have a hagwon job lined up for beginning of November > use all of my vacation for a Christmas break (if I can even fine a hagwon that will let me use my vacation for Christmas) > pay off my credit cards

B.) Go home for 4-ish months > don’t pay off anything > visit my family (all over the states) > work out like a fiend > get a job with Epik in the Feb ’13 > also try to learn Korean on my extended break >  no long vacation next year

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